Jonathan Lam

Front-end Developer / UI Designer


Born and raised in Hong Kong, I am passionate about design and programming. My specialty are web-based websites and applications developed with React.js or Next.js, presented in simplisitic and minimalist designs with a focus on typography. I also have a keen interest in language, sociology, and gaming, developing online games or adaptations of boardgames to promote these fields of study.

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Back-end Development
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  • Stocker

    Stock and cryptocurrency portfolio management system with real-time data. Revamped to provide cleaner layout, chart supports, and more.Learn more

  • WNRS Online

    Online adaptation of the conversation card game We're Not Really Strangers. Revamped to include seeded randomizer, theme customization, and more.Learn more

  • Luk Hap

    Word game for promoting and practising JyutPing, the Cantonese romanisation system. Adapted from the popular word game Wordle to Next.JS.Learn more



  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

    CSCI3230Prof. Leung Kwong-Sak
    • 1. Term Paper

      Term paper on Genetic Algorithm, searching algorithm, and application of AI.

    • 2. Pentago AI Player Program

    • 3. Toxicity Prediction Deep Neural Network

    • 4. Logical Agents

    • 5. Searching Algorithm

    • 6. Neural Network

    The first part of the paper discusses the importance and correlation of convergence and divergence in Genetic Algorithm. Different problems are used as examples, such as the artificial ant problem, regression problems, parity problem, and 16x16 Iterated Prisoner Dilemma, to illustrate the correlation - but not causation - between genetic diversity and performance of GA. The second part analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of different searching algorithms and demonstrates the working of the decision tree algorithm. The third and the last part applies the taught algorithms on a self-driving car, including path planning, perception and localization, behavior arbitration, and motion controllers as its components.

    Project of 2021.01

  • Software Engineering

    CSCI3100Prof. Michael R. Lyu
    • 1. Final Project: mATE

      A social networking dining application. Mainly built with MERN stack.

    • 2. Software Testing and Analysis

    • 3. Software Implementation

    • 4. Software Design

    • 5. Software Specification (2)

    • 6. Software Specification (1)

    • 7. Software Engineering Principle

    mATE is a social networking dining application in which users can search, rate, and manage the restaurants they have been to, as well as interacting with other users and building their personal network of desirable friends and dining experience. Multiple add-on features such as live feed update (, tags based rating system, and reservation system (with mail support) are included. It is a complete application consisting of expandable front end, back end, and database, ready to launch if needed. It is also designed, documented, and reviewed in detail with UML diagrams and test cases.

    Project of 2021.04